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Monday, 27 July 2009

Marlene Dietrich Faces - a bit of scrapbooking press photos

Took them from diverse magazines and stuck on one red page. it's my attempt at scrapbooking.

Marlene Dietrich encantadora - bruja y prostituta Postal Antigua CPA Carte postale ancienne Postcard Pocztówka

Recuerdo cuando vi ese fotografia por primera vez. Fui muy exaltada, excitada al extremo porque antes no hube visto postales coloradas con Marlene. Esa postal inglesa presenta la actriz en la escena de la pelìcula americana „Shanghai Express” nel quale Marlene encarna una prostituta chinese llamada „Shanghai Lily”. Marlene parece muy encantadora, come siempre nos encanta como una bruja a pesar de su traje modesto. Marlene permanece la reina con sus ojos que estan sonando y su rostro sobrecogedor .
Postal antigua, publicada en Reino Unido, Numero C 141 / Colourgraph /

Marlene Dietrich The wildest kisser in the world - die wildeste Küsserin der Welt

" Die Dietrich ist die wildeste Küsserin der Welt" schrieb ihre Lieblings-Maskenbilderin Wally Westmore,
"Sie braucht nach jedem Kuss einen neuen Mund"
In addition to photos and postcards I collect also clippings, articles and pressphotos about Marlene, intending to do some scrapbooking or just archive them in plastic sleeves for further fun later. Here is a scan of small article from German press - it's about 15 year old but I cannot name the paper unfortunately.
Dietrich ist the wildest Kisser in the World - She needs new lipstick after each kiss!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Who Marlene Dietrich loved ? Henny Porten was Marlene's idol.

Who heard of Henny Porten ? and it was not long time ago when reading Dietrich's Biography by Maria Riva, that I come across this name.
There are many names in books but this was special because Marlene seemed to have felt some unusual affinity with this woman; Marlene was
kind of fan of Henny or even more - one could call it "love" or "craze" . Marlene watched movies starring Henny and was deeply under her charm (or even madly in love or crazy about her ;), keeping
her photos just like I keep Marlene's today. I must be totally ignorant in the matters of silent movies because I had never heard this name untill
reading Dietrich's biography; or probably I could be, excused, could I ? To make up for my ignorance as well as out of curiosity, see what kind of
Idol my Idol had, I purchased these several postcards. Postcards were all (most probably all) published in Germany and show
this once famous art deco lady in typical theatrical poses. I do not suppose to ever become a fan of Henny; It is just another way to buy a piece of Marlene's world.
I like the postcards, nevertheless.
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