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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Marlene Dietrich autographs October 2011 rrauction results

Three recently sold Marlene Dietrich's autographs on Sale

Marlene Dietrich on a long chair, hand-signed 9.25 x 7.5 photograph, later signature of the star, Lot 1168, October Auction 2011, sold for USD 121,

Marlene Dietrich, hand-signed in gold ink 8 x 10 photo, later autograph,
lot 1169, october 2011 auction, sold for USD 180

Beautiful glamourous Marlene - 10.5 x 13.25 photo, early signature of the star,
lot 1170, October 2011 Auction,

Marlene Dietrich vintage Postcards collection

Marlene Dietrich Vintage & Modern postcard collection postcards continuously added

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Marlene Dietrich hand signed postcards and photos prices from recent auctions 3

And the last part for today - Marlene Dietrich hand signed postcards and photos prices from recent auctions Here is the third part of my rough overview of recently sold items bearing signature of Marlene. Mostly ebay auctions.

Splendid photo sold for USD 240.00

Marlene Dietrich - signed photo sold for USD 85,

Prices considerably change as the autheticity certificates come into play; this
old photo was sold for USD 250 + 44 USD shipping charges. In fact the photo is quite splendid and the signature from the era when Marlenes was in her prime. These two factors are naturally reflected in the price.

This autographed foto was sold in Great Britain, went for GBP 69,99

Marlene Dietrich hand signed postcards and photos prices from recent auctions

And another set - Marlene Dietrich hand signed postcards and photos prices from recent auctions Here is the second part of my rough overview of recently sold items bearing signature of Marlene. Mostly ebay auctions.

Ultra Sexy MARLENE DIETRICH in Marocco; SIGNED VINTAGE 8X10 PHOTO MOROCCO sold for USD $115,50


Thi postcard sold for EUR 78, modern, hand signed by the Blue Angel ;)

Verlag Ross Postcard signed - went for EUR 77

Modern postcard, sold for EUR 39,99

Marlene Dietrich hand signed postcards and photos prices from recent auctions

Here is a rough overview of recently sold items bearing signature of Marlene. Mostly ebay auctions.

Contemporary hand signed postcard sold for EUR 39,99 10 x 15

Contemporary postcard, hand signed by Marlene went for EUR 29,99

Marlene Dietrich - hand signed contemporary 10x15 postcard sold for EUR 19,90

hand signed photo sold for 32.99 USD

signed photo went for 32,01 USD

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Marlene Dietrich Nino Za Caricature Italy Milano Postcard Cartolina Vintage Postkarte

Beautiful postcard by Nino Za, the very last arrival which landed directly into my heavy album; sultry actress appears to be a fusion of her past ( Lola Lola) , her present (ultra modern, ravishing and seductive look, and her future.... . The artist captured the flagship face of Marlene's and added the absolute must-prop which is a cigarette of course ;) ...

If you want to look at the postcard more closely click here

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Marlene Dietrich kissing test 1941 vintage photo psychometer

1941, Psychology student undergoes a scientific emotional reaction test; boy and his lucky moment in Marlene's passionate arms ......

Screen Vamp makes his heart beat faster
Hollywood, California.- Robert Moore, 23-year-old psychology student at San Francisco State College whose reaction to the prospect of kissing film star Marlene Dietrich was the coldest among a group of students at the college and who was therefore chosen to cooperate with the star in an emotional reaction test using a psychometer, is shown during his lucky moment. His heart beat increase considerably as a result. The psychometer measures the amount of moisture in the palm of the hand.
the full quality photo here:

Sunday, 4 September 2011

1952 Marlene Dietrich at the wedding of Edith Piaf movie

Here's an amazig color video featuring Marlene Dietrich on the wedding day of her close friend - Edith Piaf. The wedding participants are taking a stroll down the streets of the big city and it's unbeliveable to be able to watch this splendid woman walking just beside us. Nonchalant, glamourous, warm and cold in the same time...she absolutely dominates the video. Watch & cherish.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Marlene Dietrich postcards & autographs prices ...

A beautiful photo postcard from Picturegoer, numbered 529.
in this condition sold recently for USD 25,16

Marlene Dietrich and her famous Lenci dolls;) vintage Ross Verlag postcard sold recently on ebay for USD 28. Very nice collector piece.

And here is the one that looks very shady to me;) very strange signature - I am almost sure it's a fake - mainly due to the hooked "M" and peculiarly bloated "D"; kind of signature I cannot associate with any period of Marlene's career. On Avenue Montaigne she used to sign fun photos "mdietrich" and in her early hollywood times it was rather full "Marlene Dietrich" and mainly in green ink. Black felt-tip pen in this combination looks very suspicious to me. But, who knows, I might be wrong.
This (fake to me) postcard sold for EUR 74,90.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Marlene Dietrich Autographs on postcards and pictures

I love tracking Marlene Dietrich - related items' sale prices. It's an additional hobby to my postcard collecting. I am especially happy when postcards and pics I already have grow in value and watching past auctions results is a very convenient way to estimate how much my present collection might be worth. In this hobby, the market is unceasingly regulated by changing moods and fashion; the outcome is sometimes surprising to me.

Some of my summer autograph finds from the inevitable - must-watch & must-keep-an-eye-on ebay :

Beautiful Marlene Dietrich in her fur from the Shanghai Express movie; postcard from Ross Luxus series and the signature from her later years, probably Avenue Montaigne period. sold in July for over EUR 62

Beautiful English postcard with an early green ink autograph, sold in July 2011 for EUR 40, 90

Another old postcard signed by the star, this one from Ross Verlag,
sale result: EUR 41.62

Ross Verlag, beautifully signed by Marlene, went in June 2011 for EUR 58.87.

And a litte scrap of paper with the signature on the border. Still a nice collector's piece, sold for over USD 21

Marlene Dietrich Picturegoer Postcards

It's a great summer season for a postcard collector like me. I happened to purchase some awesome English photo postcards manufactured for Picturegoer. There are many more to come (I hope). In the meantime I added the finds to the online gallery dedicated to Marlene.

Here is the section where I store pics of Picturegoer. I wish I only had more time to upload all my beautiful Marlene's here:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Marlene Dietrich Madame ALEXADER DOLL Dolly Marlene

Finally arrived, my Shanghai Lily, pretty, 16-inch doll from Madame Alexander. Came all the way from Shanghai - China to USA and next to ME - just like a real Shanghai Lily (except for the last destination);) ...Some of the pics will be added to my Marlene online collection. There are so many photos I took of her that the best way to present the doll in her full glory was by means of youtube. I regret not being able to acquire more SUITABLE clothes for the doll from the company. If Marlene wants to change her dress, I should pretty soon start learning to use a sewing machine. Would be great, if I only had some time to ...

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