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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Marlene Dietrich Autographs on postcards and pictures

I love tracking Marlene Dietrich - related items' sale prices. It's an additional hobby to my postcard collecting. I am especially happy when postcards and pics I already have grow in value and watching past auctions results is a very convenient way to estimate how much my present collection might be worth. In this hobby, the market is unceasingly regulated by changing moods and fashion; the outcome is sometimes surprising to me.

Some of my summer autograph finds from the inevitable - must-watch & must-keep-an-eye-on ebay :

Beautiful Marlene Dietrich in her fur from the Shanghai Express movie; postcard from Ross Luxus series and the signature from her later years, probably Avenue Montaigne period. sold in July for over EUR 62

Beautiful English postcard with an early green ink autograph, sold in July 2011 for EUR 40, 90

Another old postcard signed by the star, this one from Ross Verlag,
sale result: EUR 41.62

Ross Verlag, beautifully signed by Marlene, went in June 2011 for EUR 58.87.

And a litte scrap of paper with the signature on the border. Still a nice collector's piece, sold for over USD 21

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