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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Marlene Dietrich photos and autographs sold on auctions

here are some recently found autographs and photos of Marlene Dietrich
Astonishing vintage photo signed for ;) sold on for as much as USD 54,99; if the signature is genuine, the price was a real bargain:

Rare photo of Marlene sold on ebay

Sold on ebya for British Ł 5 !!! Incredible . Looks like a fabulous bargain as long as the card was genuinely signed ;) as for me I would give credit to that. Even the Ross Verlag postcard alone could go for USD 10 - USD 20. I even saw one not signed but in perfect condition sold for EUR 40 - but it was on ebay ca. 2 years ago. Now, during the crisis buyers are just mor cautious spending their pennies. ABSOLUTELY GREAT BARGAIN FOR ME ; )

page from a collector's book - well known mixture of simple book page with autograph + press photo stuck on it

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