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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo postcad album

I love browsing the Internet for my favourite subject postcards. Treasures are not only on ebay to be found but also at small retailers and antique sellers' stores dispersed in the virtual universe. Here is my acquisition of the year 2011 - great custom made postcard album containing a considerable collecton of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo postcards. I do belive both ladies would be very unhappy to find out that the owner of the album decided to make them so perfect neighbours. For sure, neither lady will complain today and the set is a royal feast for my greedy eye. Pictures of the stars visible on the cover come from vintage, well known Ross Verlag postcards that had to be irreversibly defaced to decorate the album. I do not collect Greta Garbo postcards, nevertheless I kept all of the cards and even hit on an idea to watch some good classics featuring miss Garbo - it was a real pleasure. All of the postcards are in perfect condition, just like every movie stars postcards collector might wish. I was surprised to find also one postcard originally signed by Marlene - the signature was put modestly on the back-  quite unusual for Marlene I think. Unfortunatelly no trace of Garbo's authgraph in the album. Many rare Ross postcards made me absolutely happy, there were also other publishers but mostly Ross Verlag. Rare Nino Za artwork in excellent condition just made my day.

I keep looking for similar finds but it's never easy - possibly it's just "looking-hunting" that gives me part of the satisfaction.

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Fabrice said...


You've found a real treasure ! Congratulations ! This album was waiting for you !
There are so much rare postcards : Marlene in the 20's in Berlin, before Sternberg.
As a collector, I imagine how happy you are...
Happy for you, Fabrice.

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