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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Marlene Dietrich Stunning postcard no no 529b by Picturegoer

Her lovely faces kill the man! I have many of these cards but never get disappointed when new ones arrive .... . I think that on of the most important points about being an actor is making faces and expressions and leave the public breathless of admiration. Marlene had a flair for that; or she was simply like that - natural and very, very expressive. Moving smoothly and reluctantly as she was just a bored lover - soon after fired laughing like a gun of joy. She was extremely convincing actress - I watch her movies to see her faces, to admire her gowns and hear her unforgettable husky voice .....Wunderbar! There are really fiew other stage and screen actors that work on me the similar magic - but none compares to Marlene.

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