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Saturday, 4 October 2008

My impressions on Marlene Dietrich

Loving a perfect lady is never stimulating... but passion for danger gives a thrill; What is she now? What was she then? Perfect lady malgre-soi? None of her imperfections could ever erase the smashingly divine picture of her overwhelming beauty. Legs like a dream - face of an angel - smoothness in the move and husky tone of the voice. She was sweet libertine of her times, easy girl with noble look and easy manners whenever she belived it proper. Never got an Oscar! Surprised? I would myself right away got awarded her with three : 1. For her legs 2. For her charm 3. For she was Dietrich ... . Leaving all her talent and spells cast on the public aside, she must have had a capacious heart being able to store tons and tons of love and kisses for both women and men; never had enough - ever enchanted, ever in love - strikingly oversensitive and cold as ice at times.

.... There is Marlene no more - we can join her image and co-create her look, model the legend....; That will make her even more devine and if not, perfect - she will be there for us forever....

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